Practice for traditional chinese medicine

Dr. (USA) Zhang is a proven expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has a profound education at South Baylo University in the USA. She is recognized by ASCA, the Swiss Foundation for Complementary Medicine, speaks fluent German and has 25 years of practical experience in this field.

Dr. Jie Zhang will be happy to advise you extensively on the many possibilities of traditional Chinese medicine for your well-being. The costs are covered by most health insurance companies through supplementary insurance, but it is advisable to check beforehand whether this is the case with your insurance. The invoice will always be sent directly to the patient.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been increasingly popular in Germany for 30 years. TCM has been successfully practiced and developed in China for more than three millennia. As a holistic medicine, it wants to effectively complement, not replace, conventional medicine. In particular with dysfunctions, pain and psychosomatic disturbances it shows large successes and increases the general well-being - this often already after few treatments.

In addition, TCM is very well suited for prevention, early diagnosis of diseases and stress management. It follows the principle of "helping people to help themselves". For the healing process the TCM builds the patient up with the abilities of the own body.

With gentle methods for well-being

Many people are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) mainly through the therapy method of acupuncture. The ancient art of healing, which developed more than 2000 years ago in China, has much more to offer.

In addition to acupuncture, acupressure and moxibustion, TCM also includes its own nutrition therapy and herbal medicine. The traditional massage Tuina Anmo as well as the movement therapies Tai Chi and Qigong are also important elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


TCM diagnosis is not based on laboratory tests and imaging procedures, as in conventional medicine, but is carried out with all the senses of the TCM doctor. The diagnosis is the most important point before every treatment. One finds out what the cause of a disease is, what the symptoms are and what needs to be treated first.


Acupuncture is the most important treatment method in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The therapeutic effect is achieved by needlesticks at certain points of the body, depending on the diagnosis. The sterile disposable needles are specially ground, so the patient feels little, sometimes minimal, initial puncture pain.

Herbal therapy

Medicines in Chinese medicine are an individual combination of various medicinal herbs, minerals and animal substances, tailored to the symptoms of the individual patient.